Raisina Hill inspires people to set the agenda for India, with a distinctive sign of Leading India™. Women, children and all those young at heart are especially encouraged for association.

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Raisina Hill is a media house with a distinctive sign of Leading India™. Its news website keeps people updated with news and information. Women, children and all those young at heart are especially encouraged to contribute to Raisina Hill news website. Any person can write to mail@raisinahill.org and send a guest post to let the world know what’s important. Such contributions are subject to approval from the editor.

In case you feel like writing for Raisina Hill news website, think of anything that catches your fancy. Combine your interest, experience, intelligence and knowledge or just a feral mind’s eye to help set the agenda for a new India… Lead India! Yes, you can. Let Raisina Hill help you share your knowledge and creativity with the world. Raisina Hill is run and managed by G Caffe.

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Leading India


We tackle news with attention to details.


We drive via news, web and social media.


We tell stories to report truth.


Get in touch if you need help putting together content for your website, newspaper, magazine or newsletter.

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Dilshad Garden, Delhi.



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News Website

Raisina Hill runs a news website with a dedicated team of journalists, writers, authors, analysts and digital experts with a strong focus on India-specific social, political and economic trends. The news website reports different moods of the nation, generating awareness among the people.

As you read this, Raisina Hill is improving this indigenous media platform on the strength of rupee rather than the dollars right now being pumped into a host of so believed Indian media groups. Its parent company constantly supports the news gathering and dissemination process.

The news website is the home for the info talent that wants to own a stake in the news-views-entertainment industry uprising. This is not business as usual, as the Raisina Hill news room teammates tell the stories people want to hear and listen to the stories people want to tell.

The storytellers at Raisina Hill share their distinctive analysis of trends and developments. They report on India’s technology to climate change, economy to foreign policy, floods to terror threats. They also dwell upon India’s relations with neighbours and other foreign countries.

And, behind all Raisina Hill services and the depth of its coverage, stands the power of G Caffe. Raisina Hill founder Neeraj Bhushan aims at engaging content in such a way that we become unparallel in the history of the news business.